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I'm sorry to inform you that I will no longer be dispatching orders to South Africa, New Zealand, and Australia. This is due to several orders being returned to me, or being stopped by Customs. You are welcome to place an order for these countries, however please accept full responsibility should your package go astray, as we do not guarantee that you will receive it. We urge you to think carefully before purchasing.

Please note - We do not sell Thinz
We sell our own product called MyThinz Appetite Suppressant  

Quickest way to lose weight and suppress your appetite while giving you energy is by using MyThinz Appetite Suppressant  

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Trish & Julian's  Slimming Products
Customers around the world love our slimming products.

MyThinz Appetite Suppressants.
The Best weight loss product on the market.

All you need is an effective Appetite Suppressant that will banish the cravings whilst providing added energy and a feel good factor. 

Our slimming products really works. 
You need only one to know if it takes your appetite away. 
That is why we sell our trial pack's with confidence.

Once the weight starts coming off...easily and without effort, you too will know that success can come in small packages.
 Our products are intended for short-term use only. Appetite suppressants are not recommended for long-term use. Once you've reached your ideal weight, they should only be used sporadically to maintain that weight. 

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Thanks Trish & Julian

My Thinz - SA consumer - 11/04/2014
I can't be grateful enough. Firstly, the communication through email is beyond brilliant! 
Every query I had was replied to promptly and efficiently. And I got my parcel 2days ago (yay)!
I was a ballet dancer for many years, and used to use the original THINZ once in a while.

Since we have not been able to access it in SA, I have gained SO MUCH weight and nothing works. Trish, you guys have given me my life, confidence and joy back, like I don't even know how to thank you. This product is BRILLIANT, the service from Trish and the team is even better, and I can just keep on and on. Whoever is considering getting it, I'd say, quit considering, just order !Really all I can say Trish, is thanks for giving me my life back, after like 4 yrs of battling with weight, I can be free again, you have NO IDEA how much you have helped me. axe


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