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Please go to our new website

We do not sell THINZ. 
We sell our own products called. 
MyThinz Appetite Suppressant 

Take care Trish & Julian

We will be away on HOLIDAY from the 28th or September to the 4 October
I’m not closing the website but all orders placed between these DATES 
will go out on Monday the 6 October. So please place your order early

Thanks Trish & Julian

My name is Trish and with my brother Julian, we run this successful online business with a worldwide customer base.  
I would also like to take this opportunity to introduce our new staff member Terrell our Client Services Manager

Terrell’s primary duty is to serve as our client services manager. Her job is to handle all client service questions and problems. If you need to track the progress of your or order or require further information Terrel will look into this for you. Terrel manages the client database communications and new incoming orders. 
At MyThinz our aim is to provide you with courteous, professional and friendly service. I sell these products with confidence because I use them myself. They are the best Appetite Suppressants on the market.
This is an amazing product and it really works. .
If you have any questions regarding our Products or Services please email me at
We started in 2006 selling the original THINZ
But as we all know THINZ was banned in April 2008 and no longer available. 
To Cut a long story short. 
We now have our own product called MyThinz appetite suppressant. 

Our product works on the same bases as what THINZ use to. 
We set out to find a similar product but without the harmful ingredient. 
According to our regular customers MyThinz is a much better product than the original THINZ. 
All our feedback is genuine and comes from real customers. 
Our new website is 
Back then THINZ never worked for me, but because of the popularity of THINZ we called our product MyThinz. 
It’s mostly the older generation that remembers eetless and it was for the likes of you and I that I created a myeetless label. Mythinz and myeetless is the same product.
Just a different label. So all the feedback on MyThinz counts for MyEetless So please if you use to buy MyEetless buy the MyThinz 60mg, it’s the same thing. 

Or try our new product. Mythinz 50mg+ fat burner Please read the feedback. 
I now take them myself with great results. 
If you do not know my products. PLEASE buy a trial pack 

You have to pay thru PayPal You do not need a PayPal account. Just fill in your cr card or debt card details and follow thru.

So just click on what you want to buy and go to the check out basket. 
The postage has gone up so much that I just don't send out free products anymore. 

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